For Them

Remember the days, remember them,

remember the days when we were without worry.

The days when we live in blissful ignorance,

days with no strings attached.


Now, every twist and turn a wall we face,

where laws of both said and unsaid assaults us,

where logic have become twisted and abstract.

I’m here, sitting with you, joking eating laughing crying, sharing,

not to go against some higher power or someone behind a majestic desk.


No, I’m here for the young ones.

For the children, for the future yet to come,

we’re fucked there’s no denying.

Our generation, perhaps the most influential,

here the balance is tipping,

a crossroads in history.


To raze or rise the generations to come,

not to save the world.

For it’ll be here with or without us,

we’re the ones who should change not the world.


For a chance at innocence free from worry,

free from prejudice and borders.

Where we’ll be free from mindless deaths and hatred,

where we’ll all be understood and equals.



Should we start?