Backs I Watch

In the darkness I walk,

through a door of splintered oak.

Absent of stars or light.


In the dark, myself I still see,

moving aimlessly

then, a light appear from nowhere.


Illuminating a chair

a simple chair of polished wood.

A smell of familiarity.


Of what I couldn’t place, only familiar.

I sat as everything starts to shift,

a pair of leather boots, battered and weathered, appear before me.

Colors splashed across the darkness.


The floor came, realizing barefooted I was.

She appeared then, like when we first cross.

In red coat, hair in dreadlocks,

looking smaller then when we first cross.

Reaching out but I stop short, like I hesitated before.


Scared of what to say or do,

looking at her back, like always as I watch others passed.

A chance in a million, passed.


As I rise, the darkness returns.

Realizing when my eyes open, another lost chance stood before me.

As she faced me, sometimes I can see her eyes sometimes not.

Her mouth moving as if trying to speak, but nothing reaches me.


Pretending to sleep avoiding them, again.

As I begin to fall through the darkness, everything passing before me.

Splashes of colors, images, things, people.

As I fall passed through the door, before I lost sight of it.

Slowly it closed forever.