Infinitely Returning

Returning Home by Aurora Lion


Thank you Auroralion for letting me use your artwork for my little project and this is what came of it.

I hope that you like it

Thank you very much.

Infinitely Returning

Among the stars, they swam.

Upon the starry skies, they glide.

Coming out of that white fluffy, cotton they emerge.

Majestic and fantastical they were.


In dreams, they appear,

looking up upon them,

every night in awe and jealousy.

To fly and glide among the stars,

to swim and dive in the endless waters.


Where the sea and sky meet, we spectate.

As they emerged from the misty clouds,

as the moonlight shined down,

vibrant colors shimmer across the waters.


Their whale song echoing in every direction

as they slowly descended.

As their reflection upon the water,

growing clearer in each moment.


And in that moment.

When their bodies broke the image,

that moment, as they return home.

As the sun’s rays and light slowly reaching out to the east.


As their final notes leave,

before returning into that bottomless land,

we knew too,

it was finally time,

as the last of the mist slowly disperse,

it was time,

to wake.


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