We Do Whatever We Like

Moleskin no. 02112010 by Yagey



Thank You Yagey for letting me use your artwork for my little project and this is what came out of it.

I hope you like it.

Thank You very much.

We Do Whatever We Like

In the day, we work like everyone else.

Whether it be a normal paying job or a high paying one

Heck maybe even a low paying one.

We do it to pay for our homes, our food

Our daily necessities.


We do it because we know to survive on what we truly desire

is tough and strains our family, our love ones.

So we do it we comply, bidding our time.


But when the sun sets

When the people have gone back to their homes

When they grace their dreams and bed,

We come out.


In clothes we choose,

Whether it be suits or casual,

Whether it be dress or slutty

Whether it be anything.


In the night,

We gather in our places,

Sometime underground,

Sometime in bars,

Sometime even in open spaces


We drink, we talk

About anything and everything.


The smell of smoke and alcohol thick in the air,

Music of the classics given a little modern spin.

Music some claim to be blasphemy to their composer

Yet here we are

Among our people, drinking and talking

Having the time of our lifes.


Sometimes one or two may be involved with dodgy characters,

But we are no law breakers,

Or bad apples.

We are just people who enjoy our lifestyle

We may sleep with whoever we want and not be criticize

We drink and not be told off

We talk about politics and not be shouted down.


As long as we part on good terms and take care of each other.

We will come back again and again.

Enjoying and playing the music we like

Talking about anything we like

And we will continue to do this until we don’t feel like it anymore.



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