What I am I am

Hearing Damage by gabrielleragusi




Thank You Gabrielleragusi for letting me use your artwork for my little project.

This is what came of it I hope you like it.

Thank you very much.

I also added several phrases I read on tumblr a while back which are:

Flowers in her hair,
Demons in her head,
Drugs in her vein,
Madness in her mind,
Love in her soul,
Storm in her heart.

What I am I am

Flowers in her hair

Walking through the rain,

everything wet and blurry.

But under my umbrella

I’m dry and pristine.



Demons in her head

My makeup and lipstick

applied to perfection,

My hair finely comb and prep,


Drugs in her vein             

Easy it is

to hide myself in societies eyes,

all you need is a little of this and that,

and you slide into the rhythm of society.


Madness in her mind

Avoiding puddles of water,

walking with precise footing and grace,

no one would be the wiser.

As I walk among them.


Love in her soul

Choosing the right clothes,

speak in the right way,

avoid the eyes of others,

And I can just blend into the crowd.

Storm in her heart

What society thinks,

what the norms is,

a changing of the times,

what is not agreed upon is shunned.


Here I am walking under my umbrella

dry and pristine,

with my makeup and lipstick applied to perfection,

whether I be in the wrong or the right,

what I am I am.

And the people I truly show myself to

Accept me for who I am.


So here I am walking under my umbrella

dry and pristine,

with my makeup and lipstick applied to perfection,

an act for you the norm,

the society.

For I too have to make a living

but when I’m with those who accept me,

You will never recognize me.



Recurring Character

Morning by loish





Thank you loish for letting me use your artwork for my little project.

 Thank You very much.

Recurring Character


Like a recurring character in a superhero series.

Sometime as the bad guy sometime as the good

as the sun seeps into my room,

signs of wear and tear upon the wall slowly show,

my old works hung around the room as goals and memories.

Clothes strewn, scarfs hung upon each other, bed still unkempt.


As I brush my teeth, Loish nestled amongst the warmth of the bed.

Staring at me with her feline eyes.

That smell, that smell that I could never escape,

not of disgust or pleasure but always lingering.

Like a personality that can’t be shake,

no matter where I go.

A cluttering room,

whether it be small or big.

Here or there,

like a recurring character in a superhero series.


And today is just like any other morning,

As I slowly shake away the morning blues,

trying to brush away the tiredness and the weariness from sleep.

In my pjs, the days task slowly forming as my mind clear

and the mental faculty slowly coming back online.

And just like a recurring character in a superhero series,

My rooms are just like that.

Lost and Drowning

 Four Days in Berlin by bohomaz13







Thank You bohomaz13 for letting me use your artwork, for my little project.

Thank you very much and this is what came out of it and I hope you enjoy it.

Thank You.


Lost and Drowning

As the rain drops, colors and sound distorts on its rippling surface

Like a constant soft music playing in the background.

 Car lights elongate and pools in the gathering water.


The buildings almost blend into each other in the mists.

Four days it has been, four days in this land.

Being battered and left to fend for myself.

Everyone else moving with that unseen rhythm of the city.


Walking along the wall that once separated this country into the east and the west

And among the memorials of the fallen Jews.

Walking among those blocks of stones, like a city within a city.

Imagining names of the nameless etch into them.


What am I doing here?

In the rain, as rain battered against my leather jacket,

Shielding me somewhat from the rain,

My hair already bleached and wet but colors still remain.


My makeup slowly running down my eyes, am I crying?

Or is it the rain?

The cigarette dangling between my mouth still burns courageously in the deluge.

Its smoke rises feebly against the cold wet air.

Am I going to run forever?

I should have not stopped looking.

I should have not been so petty.

Four days it has been.

How many more before I accept the truth.

How many before I go back to them.

How long before I go back to him.